Have poker vets seen every trick in the book …or are they always learning new things?

One of the compelling reasons online casinos have been soaring in popularity since their advent just a couple of decades or so ago is convenience. You no longer have to make lengthy treks to a casino city to play your favorite games; you can just take your place at a virtual table in the comfort of your living room (or while sitting on a train via your smartphone) … and away you go. But can online playing really grantthe knowledge and deep feel forthe game of, say, a real-world poker veteran who regularly attends tournaments?

The benefits of offline- and online-poke experience: both/and, not either/or

The answer is “probably not,” at least not in itself. In real-world poker, for example, players acquire cumulative experience of “reading” each other’s body language, facial expressions, involuntary tics, etc., during the course of the game – little signs that may represent crucial “tells” as to what they’re really holding in their hands at the table. And, of course, there are plenty of informal opportunities to fall into conversation and learn some previously hidden nuggets of expertise from more seasoned players.

But this doesn’t mean that online casinos are inferior; it’s just that, to develop fuller expertise, it’s probably wisest to combine online games with real-world face-to-face games with friends and fellow enthusiasts.Good aggregator and review sites like Casino Fans can help you select the most reputable and reliable online casinos available today, so you can practice your game safe in the knowledge that you’re in trustworthy hands.

And now we come to themain question of this article: do real poker vets ever get to the point where they’ve “seen every trick in the “book”, or is “expertise” something that’s never finalized and requires continual learning?

A poker expert goes online only

The British Daily Mail newspaper carried a piece on former-lawyer turned high-earning poker pro Isabelle Mercier in October 2021, chronicling her transition from jobbing “legal eagle” to jet-setting tournament winner 22 years ago. Amidst intriguing insights into how poker taught her how to read the signs of deceitwell outside the poker arena, she explains that she obtains complete satisfaction these days from playing online exclusively. Intriguingly, a new dimension to the poker skill-set has opened for her as a result: she no longer focuses on reading lies “(“tells”); online poker has taught her to read patterns instead.

Expertise – the never-ending story

IsabelleMercier implicitly explains thetruth about expertise in poker, and casino games more broadly: if you think it’s a destination, you’ll never reach it. It’s a process, a life-long one, and no matter how many “tricks” you’ve seen on that voyage, there are bound to be ones you haven’t yet encountered.

It’s the reason why most experts in most fields of endeavour tend to become more humbled the more knowledge they acquire – the more they know, the more they realise just how infinite knowledge turns out to be. Continual development is the game-plan for successful poker players, not arrival at some kind of Tolkienesque Rivendell. You never stop learning because you never stop improving – and the moment you believe you’re “it”, the all-knowing master of all you survey, is the moment you’ve succumbed to a fateful delusion that will impair your game and reverse your success

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