The Domino

The Domino Who Tips Others Into Failure!

When I review from the Holy Bible that it was God that designated Jeroboam to be king over Israel, I saw the opposite side of God’s love for His youngsters at work. His visit began Tips Others the heels of Solomon’s disobedience to God. Upon his appointment, God made DominoQQ certain guarantees to Jeroboam and purchased him to make sure that he can lead His individuals to achievement.

Jeroboam did not live up to expectations. The little expression, “caused Israel to dedicate sin,” can be on his marker, as lots of phrases like this in the publications of the kings refer to the impact of Jeroboam.

The Bible tape-recorded that God did not just make assurances to Jeroboam; however, He actually “invested” in him. One question of what became of the divine financial investment in Jeroboam, as he later on finished right into a supporter of whatever bad and unearthly. His daddy Solomon had previously allowed false religions to sneak into the land of Israel, that made God be annoyed with him. The appointment of Jeroboam was to address and remedy the awful propensities of his daddy, yet that was refrained from doing. He favored the infamous way.

Jeroboam was afraid the people more significant than he was worried, God. To protect his throne as the king of Israel, he did the unimaginable – he dished out the preferred gruel of pagan faiths that had re-entered the land, merely to prop up his vulnerable self-esteem.

As God’s children, we are DominoQQ encouraged that whatever activity we are to take must initially of all be thought about in the light of its influence on ourselves as well as that of others.

Remember the guarantees of God for you. He did not only guarantee those things, but as He did to Jeroboam, He INVESTED in you. He invested in you higher than He did to Jeroboam. Therefore you can not afford to dissatisfy Him. He spent the life of His very own Son, Jesus, on you. That means He acquired you with a price. Are you mosting likely to return evil to Him as an outcome of His investment in you?

That’s unfair. There is a demand for you to consider your ways and transform permanently. This change is only feasible by accepting Jesus, God’s financial investment, in your life. Accept Him right into your heart by recognizing as well as admitting that you are a DominoQQ sinner (Psalm 51:5). Repent of your transgressions (1 John 1:9), as well as confess Jesus as Lord as well as Saviour (Romans 10:9 -10). After that, let me speak with you for the following step to comply with.

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